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Monday, June 21, 2010

Cosmetic Medicine: Feel Great, Look Terrific!

Age 60 is the new 40 for both men and women. Thanks to the advancement of medical science, people are living longer and staying healthier. People want to be well and look well too. Cosmetic medicine is evolving with new non-invasive procedures to make you look as young and healthy as you feel.

Technology has made it possible for primary care physicians to perform these procedures safely in the office with very little recovery or downtime. Laser treatments can tighten your skin, eradicate age spots, remove unwanted hair, resurface your skin, and reduce wrinkles. 

Botox injections can remove or reduce worry lines, frowns, and wrinkles. It can also change the shape of your eyebrows or perk up sagging eyelids. Facial fillers turn back the clock by filling in the hollow areas of your face.

Skin care products have been improved, too, and are very effective in maintaining a healthy and youthful skin. “Cosmeceuticals” are most effective when prescribed by a knowledgeable health care provider or esthetician. Consultation is required to determine the products best suited for you. Antioxidants, serums, and exfoliates need to be prescribed and used correctly as well as all cosmeceuticals. And remember: Always use a good moisturizer and sun block!

What is all this worth? A healthy, radiant glow on the outside increases the warm feelings of health and self esteem on the inside. Feeling good and looking your best have proven beneficial health consequences.


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